Original Custom Art By Maliha Alvi

Maliha Alvi



Maliha Alvi is a self-taught artist residing in Houston, Texas USA. She is a contemporary artist who transports her painting into the realm of the truly rich and magnificent Islamic arts. All the elements in her artwork work are a beautiful fusion of the remarkably unique Islamic arts with a contemporary style of painting.

She has graduated with her degree in civil engineering, but after spending some time in the field, Maliha realized where her heart truly lied. She began to pursue her career as an artist. Her passion in arts and her strength in creativity allowed her to devote herself wholeheartedly in the bold, vibrant, exciting world of colors.

Through self-education, she began to nurture her own art process and started painting with passion and devotion. Soon she discovered her interest in the rich artistic heritage of the Islamic world and engaged her fullest concentration in the very inspiring unique characteristics of the Islamic arts. The intricate colors, bold geometrical pattern, the mystical expression of Sufism, and most of all, the profound and sincere expression of the Divine through calligraphy deeply touched and awakened her senses.
With a clear vision and a soulful purpose, the richness of her Islamic art work enhanced and so did the contemporary approach to her creative freedom.


She believes in skillfully spending quality time on each art piece to give it a unique style with devotion and attention to details, she prioritizes her clients preferences and creates a unique piece that fits beautifully in their homes. She uses canvases of various dimensions but regardless of the canvas size, her paintings are detailed to the point. every painting is hand signed and can be shipped worldwide.

She works with mixed media and finds both visual and optical textured arts deeply fascinating. she meticulously paints an image while transporting it into a cherished work of art, usinglayers, adding shadows ,light and depth and finally creating an illusion that tricks the viewers eye into seeing a flat surface canvas as a three dimensional space. the result is a mesmerizing painting of the Islamic art rarely seen in the contemporary art world ...a painting that the viewer can stare at and admire always!

"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop"....Rumi

   Islamic Art Exhibit 2017